We first worked with East London Trill Hop artist Skinny Malone on our Nike x Footasylum campaign photoshoot, and the first thing that struck us was his style – unique and independent, a creative that knows himself and exactly what he wants to achieve.

We headlined the Nike campaign video with Skinny’s track APPLVUD ME, the perfect vibe to accompany a mega shoot.

Ahead of big plans for next year, we wanted to hear from Skinny in his own words – about his sound, his style and why people should keep watching into 2016.

Where are you from?

I’m from Hackney, East London but I’ve moved around a lot in my time.

Describe yourself in three hashtags:

#wavy #trillhop #troublesome (cheeky grin).

How did you get into music?

I’ve always wanted to do music, Dizzee Rascal’s “Boy In The Corner” pushed me to start writing, and since then I’ve always wanted to get into music full time. I left it for a while, until at uni when my housemates overheard an old track and bugged me back into it, since then I’ve just been building.

How would you describe your sound?

Trill Hop, it’s the cross over between what we over here know as Grime, and that “trill” sound reminiscent of A$AP Rocky… with my own lil spin on it.

Tell us about your EP #25DayHiatus:

This EP was just to explain what happened and where I had been in the interim between October and the release in August. It discusses my downfalls and how I overcame these situations – It acts as an introduction to what I do.

Who would you love to work with/ collaborate with?

Mikill Pane, growing up I always looked up to him, and to be in a position where I can see it happening is a blessing. Obviously Dizzee Rascal too, as he was the reason I really took to music.

What are you working on at the moment?

*Smiles* A lot. We have a handful of projects dropping in 2016 with my DJ/Producer Oneninenine and a few other people. Watch out for The Chronicles Of Skinny Malone 2 which is my main project for the year.

Who’s your favourite MC/rapper?

It’s hard, but it would have to be between Skepta or Wretch 32.

What are your friends like?

It’s mad, I have friends that graduated from university with a First (shout out Junii) then I have friends who are, quite simply, not so academic. I’ve been blessed with fellow creatives as well so I get the best of every scope.

What motivates you?

Proving those that said it couldn’t happen wrong, not to rub in their faces, but to let them know you can do ANYTHING. Plus my family and supporters, that all their love and energy wasn’t for no reason. I pray for the day when I can buy a house for my mum or pay off her mortgage just to tell her you ain’t gotta worry no more.

Success is…

Doing something you love and being able to live off it, and in turn better the lives of the people around you.

We worked together on the London Collective for the Nike campaign – What makes London unique for you?

London is the home of the brave, especially Hackney, it’s one of the only places where you can literally get everything and anything you want if you go hard!

Are you into your kicks? What’s your favourite release/ brand or silhouette?

Yeah I’m tryna rebuild my collection, I was very much into the Jordan’s and I still have my Raptors (real collectors know *winks*). Erm right now I’m loving the Huaraches, I copped some last month and I’m gonna grab the Utility soon, unless Nike wanna hook me up? (laughs).

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

You ain’t the only one tryna be the only one (shouts Mr Play).

What’s on your bucket list?

Skydiving definitely, erm I’ve never been to a football match so that’s next I think. Actually a festival show is the next challenge.

What’s been your highlight of 2015?

I can’t lie it’s been a mad year, but honestly it would have to be the Nike shoot with LACED, it’s been the catalyst for so much!

What’s planned for next year?

A lot! By the grace of almighty, you’ll see more shoots and plenty of live shows, overseas and in the UK (shouts Andie my PR in ATL)

Where else can people find you?

Go to my Sound Cloud to hear all my new music – iamskinnymalone

You can also follow Skinny on Instagram here @iamskinnymalone

[Image from our Nike x Footasylum Campaign]


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